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About Us


Dedicated Educators

We are a group of educators working together for last five years teaching children aged 7 to 13 different programming languages ranging from Scratch, HTML/CSS and Javascript. 


Our Approach

Based on our experience we found that the best way for children to learn coding is by creating art. As children learn more they feel more productive when they are able to create more advanced visual art.   


Our Mission

We think that everyone can learn programming using our approach. It is simply a matter of learning it in small chunks and being productive with what you know which gives you confidence to keep going.




This book is our attempt  to create lesson plan for beginners  ,who wants to learn to code in a  fun way.It teaches creative coding in a fun way  It is available as an e-book on Amazon Kindle  and as paperback edition from Amazon.


In Hello World Magazine Issue 11 for educators, our lesson  plan about  how to texture 3D shapes with 2D graphics using p5.js  got published. Check out page 82 of the magazine  .

Video Tutorials

Tutorial for experimenting with basic 2D shapes and using them to construct a robot face .

Tutorial for explaining about the random function and its  use in programming .

Moire Pattern -an optical illusion.

Boat with vertex 

Tutorial for making the basic 3D Shapes using Javascript library.

Rotating 3D shapes

Hologram with 3D shapes

Bottle Hologram with camera function

Projects for Inspiration

Visualisation of Trigonometric Functions of Sin , Cos and Tan.   

Graphical Visualisation of Kanizsa Illusion. 

Bird using diferent 2D shapes reacting to sound .

Visualisation of 3D  cubes rotating in the x,y and z-axis using Javascript library.

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If you have any questions regarding certain project , feel free to send us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.